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Turbo strategy for binary options.

Started by PocketOption, Mar 01, 2021, 11:09 am

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Turbo strategy for binary options.
Turbo strategy can significantly reduce the time for trading and increase the profit of your trading activity.
After all, a profit can be made with the help of these short-term contracts every 60 seconds.
The only thing left to do is learn how to determine in which direction the price will move in the next minute up or down.
Turbo strategy has some weak points.
For example, it is susceptible to market noise because trading is done on the lowest timeframes.
To eliminate noise, turbo options traders use several indicators in combination.
How to set up indicators for turbo trading.
Turbo strategy uses two technical indicators available at the Pocket Option platform.
The moving average it shows the main direction of price movement.
Awesome Oscillator it shows the strength of price changes.
The basic idea behind the turbo strategy to trade on trend reversals.
That is why we need the Awesome Oscillator to confirm validate the signal.
Click on the appropriate button and activate the indicator with default parameters.
In a separate window below the chart, you will see a histogram divided by a zero.
We need three Moving Averages to generate a signal to buy a contract.
The parameters for MA are as follows EMA 25, EMA 18 and WMA 7.
In order to set the above settings, you need to click on the pencil icon by each MA.
Specify the period while selecting the appropriate moving average.
Set two EMAs to the same color yellow and make WMA red.
Use Japanese candlesticks chart and set timeframe 30 seconds.
If you are a beginner in binary options, start with the currency pairs as an asset.
How to buy turbo strategy contracts.
After a set up, you can start trading binary options.
Let me remind you that the basis of the strategy is to trade on a reversal.
When the red WMA intersects both green EMAs in one direction it is a signal to buy a contract.
The confirmation is that the Awesome Oscillator moves from one half to the other on the histogram indicating a trend reversal.
The WMA must cross both EMA lines.
If it crossed the EMA 25 but did not reach the EMA 18, it is too early to enter a trade.
So, the algorithm of actions is as follows.
CALL when the WMA crosses both EMAs from bottom to top, and the histogram goes from negative to positive.
PUT when the WMA crosses both EMAs from top to bottom, and the Awesome Oscillator moves to the negative bottom area.
Turbo trading is carried out on a 30-second timeframe.
In this case, the expiration period should not exceed one minute.
Using the turbo strategy on binary options, you will be able to make several trades a day, getting a steady increase in your deposit.
However, since trading is carried out on lower timeframes, do not forget about risk management.
The strategy for turbo options requires greater control over the management of trading capital.
To trade with the optimum ratio of profitability and risk, use no more than 2 of the amount in your account to conclude each transaction.